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Caravan Trackers & Security


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Is the security of your caravan or motorhome important to you?
If so, read this article compiled by the Avon and Somerset Constabulary which highlights many tips to help protect your caravan from the opportunist thief.

Are you interested in reducing your insurance premium by up to 25%?

he following links are a selection of insurance companies who recognise the fitting of a Hal-Locate or Metis Tracker System, coupled with a substantial discount on your insurance premiums.

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Cara-Medics are now an authorised Dealer/Installer for the Thatcham approved Hal-Locate Tracking System


The HAL-Locate Premium Tracker System

What is HAL-Locate?


THATCHAM, THE STANDARD THAT COUNTS. Click here for more information on the Thatcham organisation. (opens in a new window)

The HAL-Locate system is your best option to recover your caravan or motorhome if it is stolen. HAL-Locate features satellite positioning (GPS) and mobile phone (GSM) technology to remotely report your vehicles current position and status and will automatically contact a secure control centre in the event of it being taken without your consent. Being totally covert, potential thieves will be unaware that the vehicle is protected by HAL-Locate. HAL-Locate cannot be disarmed by thieves and remains active, continuously reporting position, speed and heading if the vehicle is stolen.

HAL-Locate requires the use of a charged mobile phone to access all of the features it offers.


How does HAL-Locate work?
  • HAL-Locate monitors your caravan or motorhome 24hrs a day 365 days a year.
  • When HAL-Locate is set, it will immediately alert you, via text message, if your caravan or motorhome moves.
  • If you accidentally move your caravan or motorhome and have forgotten to turn HAl-Locate off, you can disarm the system by responding to the text message you receive.
  • If your caravan or motorhome has been taken without your consent, HAL-Locate will alert Eurowatch (monitoring station) that it is on the move.
  • Eurowatch will then liaise with the police, letting them know the position, speed and heading of your caravan or motorhome, typically retrieving it within the hour.


Main features:
  • Ultra low power consumption maximizes leisure battery life
  • Integral rechargeable backup battery
  • Remote SMS text control enables HAL-Locate to be armed or disarmed via mobile phone
  • Checks leisure battery charge status via mobile phone
  • Configurable for use with up to five mobile phones
  • Advanced geo-fence system reduces false alarms
  • EUROWATCH police liaison and vehicle recovery support in 40 countries.
  • HAL-Locate will self arm if you forget to set it
  • HAL-Locate will text you when your leisure battery is low and when HAL switches to its back up battery 

1 Year
3 Years
5 Years

Prices now include fitting* and all sim/monitoring charges for 1,3 or 5 years, leaving you with no hidden costs whatsoever.


 *Mobile fitting of the HAL-Locate Premium Tracker System is professionally carried out by one of our qualified & fully insured engineers - approved by Hal-Locate.
 To satisfy the approval of Eurowatch, fitting of the Hal-Locate can only be carried out by one of their approved dealer/installers - such as Cara-Medics.
 Installation of the Hal-Locate is available to purchasers in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire.

The HAL-Locate Premium Tracker System is now available from Cara-Medics.
 To order your Hal-Locate, please send your contact details (including contact number) through the Contact Us page, and a Cara-Medics representative will contact you to arrange payment and a suitable time for installation - Thank you.   

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