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enduro caravan motor mover


The Enduro caravan mover works well on most surfaces, in most conditions. Giving you total control and manouverability whether it be uphill, downhill, hitching or unhitching.

The Enduro is made from high quality design and components including long lasting, lightweight alloy rollers and stainless steel fixings and metal control unit housing.
Cara-Medics fully endorse the Enduro caravan mover for its achievements in producing a entry-level mover, with outstanding reliability & build quality, making it one of the better value-for-money caravan movers on the market today.
Cara-Medics are offering a comprehensive mobile fitting service on the Enduro caravan mover. This service gives you total freedom, as we will send a fully insured and experienced engineer to fit your mover at your house, pitch, storage site, or place of work - in fact, anywhere in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire counties.
Once you have taken delivery of the unit, just give Cara-Medics a call on: 07877 979110 or email: [email protected] and we will arrange to fit the unit at an agreeable time.
High Power Motors:
The Enduro is more powerful than any other entry-level caravan mover on the market. This means the motors will not struggle even on caravans weighing up to two tons.
Stainless Steel Fixings: 0
Protects against rusting when on your seaside holiday. In fact, the entire Enduro unit has been salt tested to make sure it has a high level of protection against corrosion.
Metal Control Unit Housing:
The control housing (the brain effectively) of the unit normally lives in the front bed box and is built to last.
Engaging the rollers onto the tyres:
The rollers are engaged to the tyres via a very simple and easy to use winding mechanism, with a similar operation as the caravan steady winders.
Cross - Actuation:
This means that you can engage both wheels from either side of the van, which is useful if you are tight on space and need to park close to a wall or fence on one side.
Dog Clutch:
The Enduro has a unique feature, which enables you to adjust the tension of the rollers individually. Useful if one wheel loses traction on slippery surfaces, such as wet grass.
Fits Continental Vans: 0
The Enduro will fit most caravans, but may not fit caravans which have shock absorbers fitted. Check with the selling agent or manufacturer (Purpleline) before purchase.

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  • Bevel gearing gives the user a geared advantage, which means it takes no effort to rotate the spindle to achieve sufficient engagement.
  • Powerful 12v motors provide enough torque for operation on a 1:4 gradient.
  • Supplied with complete fitting kit including all cables, clamps, p-clips, cable ties, chassis stops, convoluted cable trunking, control board and remote control.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • An additional 3 year warranty is available.

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