What is HAL Locate?


HAL-Locate GPS/GSM is specifically designed and manufactured for caravans and motorhomes. HAL-Locate has taken over two and a half years of development and has constantly been tested, improved and revised to its current design. Manufactured in a state of the art facility in Luton by Jaltek  http://www.jaltek.com who are accredited to ISO9001-2000 Kitemark IPC-A-610D Acceptability Of Electronics Assemblies - Class 3 and Working to or in accordance with ISO14001 & AS9100

HAL-Locate uses advanced antenna technology and a supersensitive GPS receiver to create the most effective vehicle location system available. Very easy to use, HAL-Locate can be armed or disarmed via your mobile phone. Additionally, the location of your vehicle and the charge state of your leisure battery can be checked at any time, again by using a simple SMS phone text. HAL-Locate is the only system of this type designed specifically for caravans and motorhomes. It can be easily installed either by a vehicle manufacturer as a standard or optional extra, or after sale by a suitably trained and approved dealer, such as Cara-Medics.


Detailed features:
  • HAL-Locate is one of the smallest and most concealable tracking devices on the market.
  • Designed by experts for reliability and customer usability.
  • HAL-Locate operates from your vehicles' leisure battery, but uses very little power. It will operate for over 6 months on a fully charged 85Ah battery. If the vehicle leisure battery becomes discharged or is disconnected, HAL-Locate will switch to its rechargeable backup battery and will even send a text to your mobile phone to let you know!
  • As well as tracking the movements of your caravan or motorhome, HAL-Locate can also be used to check leisure battery charge status via your mobile phone.
  • Configurable for use with up to five mobile phones.
  • Advanced geo-fence system reduces false alarms. This measure ensures that you get a text message sent to you when your caravan or motorhome moves out of its geo-fence, allowing you to de-activate the tracker if it's a false alarm. If you do not de-activate Hal-Locate, then EUROWATCH will notify you and the police of the movement of your caravan/motorhome.
  • HAL-Locate is supported by EUROWATCH, a leading secure control centre providing coverage in 40 countries. In the event of theft, EUROWATCH will monitor the location of your vehicle and liaise with local police services to ensure a speedy recovery.

Eurowatch logo

Eurowatch logo........ You're in Safe Hands!

There are approximately 1.5 million crimes committed each year against private vehicles and 200,000 crimes each year against commercial vehicles. EUROWATCH enables drivers and owners to contact the police when a crime is committed against them, anywhere in Europe.

EUROWATCH uniquely provides:

  • 24-hour access to police across Europe
  • A single telephone number to call
  • All national languages spoken
  • Communication with any GPS system 
  • Relay of tracking data to police in real-time
  • Assistance in dealing with police post-incident
  • Notification of incidents by SMS and Email
  • Available in over 40 countries (for countries covered by Eurowatch click here)

Thatcham Quality Accreditation(TQA) is a robust verification programme for the assessment and recognition of automotive aftermarket devices.

HAL-Locate is currently THE ONLY Thatcham accredited tracking device for leisure vehicles.

Hal-Locate info-sheet
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HAL-Eurowatch infosheet
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Read more here about the Thatcham Approved Hal-Locate tracker